My name is Chris Brown This is a description of work and thought that includes a written authorship of original intent to serialize the work in tow. Please see the intent to explain my work.The work is started with a chronological number of appearance and then the name of the registration and then the deposition itself with copyrighted script and then the owner. Please accept my thanks for your work and time with my case.

Here are the previously registered numbers

8648723 8432699 8396625 8251642 8169880 8152204 8056278 8021945 7933940 7836749 7786269 7674484 7646239 7599215 7511791 7504988 7491093 62586875 62530996 62393084 62375115 

Christopher Gabriel Brown Skills Artist - with defining skills of all arts including painting, music, and writing. with a focus on the digital medium in progress. expert (Official end of Artistry ship in March of 2008-reinstated 2009) Counsel Services - well known for providing consultation and insight as well as other things such as design and ethics advisement from every thing like cars and debit cards to should I questions and radical concept proposals. Inventor - all areas including Technology, business management, government, information structure, and chemicals, expert in not blowing up the world

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