Dear Intel

Hello Intel and hello to the future, past and present.

One time I had a dream about an ex-girlfriend that I loved and was consumed by. I had to keep the situation to myself because of the nature of the nightmare.  With that being said there is a serious intent to all the good things that I’m going to say in this short.  So, to relate the relationship with a woman was to say that it didn’t go very well and to say that is to say it all. Let’s hope that we can do better than we should or might as is.


I love intel, I like hpe, I use windows, and will use the new gpu you are going to put out later in the year.  As for a quintessential statement in the forward would be to say your going in the right direction but navigation could be more precise. The problems are not as they seem.  They are going to be better than you may expect.  Your Mores law is right… or close to right.  But if you only know one variable then that’s the case…  but having a progression that is only susceptible to one catalyst is never the real option.


I think that windows is the preferred operating system to me than another just cause…  HPE is my brand of hardware just because it doesn’t look ugly… sorry.  And intel is my love because I know better than to switch around.  The only reason why I use a phone and the patent office is just cause that’s what is there.  Seems plain enough that that’s what every one else uses.  There is an option but at the importance level of the option it’s not that important to me…  the comparisons are endless.  With that being said there is a good ending to all Artificial intelligence movies that I have seen know that there is a fear factor.


Make sure you know that what you build is good!!!  That’s why there is a halo in your logo just in case you didn’t know that analogy before.  With that being said, let’s move on, there is a God!  I believe in angels and I believe in ghosts.  But to acknowledge the root of all evil is just to note that the love of money is the root, but money itself is not evil.  And the fact of the matter is that sex is not important at work neither is one’s race… so why even bring it up?


With that topic there is a current possible outcome.  I lately have been buying parts off of ebay and building i7 builds for my nephews and nieces… they are starting to play games and things.  It’s important to know that these are legacy builds.  To you, they are still making people happy and even though it takes a screw driver and a good quality store to promote building from scratch parts and building it that way there is a genuine love for the experience of sharing with your family… I don’t have children but my sister and brother do…


We build legacy intel systems because they are fun and way cool… I think that the intel ark is a fashionably late component but still very late.  The cpu is and will always be important.  The Gpu was a trust situation gone bad.  Meaning that people went gpu crazy and neglected the cpu.  So I will close with that as a point of interest. Gpu companies started making cpus and more.

There has been a lot of attention to processing and the differences in your work and the others should be a discovered and studied part of RND. Literally a comparison branch of employees to study the competition is needed.  The Cia is and will be a viable situation for the government and I don’t hate Trump I hate that the money was given away to an enemy in the previous administration to build up hate and circumstance that terrorize and threaten our country right now.  So, with that being said.  It’s war.  There is an enemy and there is a good.  I think I am going to stay with intel, HPE and Windows.  Unless one goes away or the unforeseen happens.


My intent is to work with you and maybe I could get paid.  I’m poor and in community assistance.  As of late my situation has worsened because I started to sell nvidia gpus that were working and they were not proved as working so I bought them… now the people at ebay are returning my money and I am getting working gpus back and still trying to sell them is impossible.  So my brother say’s I’m “Flipping GPUS on Ebay.”  And now I am short of money on paypal and ebay is screwing me left and right.  But who cares ebay is giving all money back whether or not people say that the Gpus still work.  That’s just ebay a bad company.  Unless you’re buying legacy intel builds and know what they go to or not.


I didn’t like the phi cpu... I love the coprocessor.  I made my own software that is running guided auto parallelism right now as I type…  it’s for sale on my website  the auto Phi app I made is also for sale on Microsoft store.  I think it’s been a long time coming.  I took a developer cpu and made it an auto-cpu amplifier in a parallel sense of accelerator… processor what ever.  But you may find that impressive only cause I’m an artist not a software writer… but I’m also an inventor not a woodturner. Musician not a web designer.


I have three sites. and and I was a very popular kid in high school and the best artist in the state as I even went to governors honors. I attended the Atlanta college of art before it became the school now called SCAD. But dropped out due to a drug problem that led to bipolar disorder.  But as now I’m 45 years old and drug free it occurs that if I could share my points now’s the time.  I don’t like ai… I think that if you have ai instructions on a chip they should be embedded separately or adjacent to the hbm.  Not inside the chip.  The soul of a person is their mind and the memory of that person is not just a bank of money.  The software is the means for example and the love of money is evil. 


The best thing we can do is point out that audaciousness is sometimes good… but in the case of Rush Limbaugh it’s a funny nature that he’s right nearly all the time because that’s his outlook.  He’s got a closer to reality perception greater than any other person that you will ever meet. Sorry people can relate to that.  As for the theory of liberal ism I cannot agree. Even though I’m on welfare and still live at home and don’t have very much… but I’d still like to brag.  I am running an HPE DL580 GEN10 WITH 4x INTEL XEON 8156 PLATINUMS AND 256GB WORKING RAM AND 4 3120a XEON PHI COPROCESSORS WITH AUTO-PHI RUNNING AND A FEW OTHER SMALL THINGS AS WELL AS A INTEL ssd pcie ON NVME PORT HARD drive. With windows server 2016 as hpe wants.


So that is my machine and this is my nature…  I’m loyal but if I get cheated on I quit right away.  About audacious needy people leading a software instruction set of negative roots such as ai is never going to be right.  It’s like calling a cpu ai… ai is only a software and will only be software.  The chance of some people knowing that is only their chance to tune in and drop out.  The bigger they are the harder they fall.  And never loosing a battle is like never fighting in the first place.  So I dare to let this message ring true. I hate to read words on paper myself but may be it’s the right time to have someone listen to me and grow the way I see them benefiting from. Hardware is not ai.  Ai should be known as what it is a body of software and the name is stupid.


What I think you should do is buy my inventions and then study who is using them then sue them and stop them by legal force.  But Intel and HPE as well as Microsoft come first.  The hope and admiration will stop when I lose favor but let’s get real.  Power is the will to survive.  The nature of the enemy is the love of their desire.  The previously lost people who we love will never fad away, just get more legendary in their story.


I saw my ex-girlfriends’ mom at a pet store about two years ago and didn’t say anything I couldn’t say anything my heart is still broken… she was the one that got away.  about the phi coprocessor, don’t stop making it.  Improve it!  Consider making larger boards.  Make the directions clearer.  Shorten the warranty.  Keep making bigger chips. Integrate memory and storage.  Make phones and edge software, and stop listening to sex stories and wear dark rose colored glasses to work, who cares what you see? Just don’t bring it up jeez louise…  pray before you go to sleep that you don’t have nightmares like me.


My name is Christopher g brown. Currently having trouble sleeping at night.  Please leave a voice mail at 7707767023 or send money to by paypal or reply to