3647 Cpos

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3647 Pcie Open Socket 

  • 1 CPU 3647 Open Socket with Incredible Functionality
    cpu not provided with any cpos delivery
    off load processing or compile as server parts.

  • Stackable to 8 per Unit with 8xxx Series Intel Platinum
    Stack as few as 2 CPUs with Bronze Series Intel 3647
    1 Central - 1 in CPOS.

  • Minimize E-Waste ReSelling Reuse and Recycle. Expand your
    current availability and increase productivity. Go Beyond borders 
    scale out to an indefinate size and peta-flops* service

3647 CPOS

For recommended platform uses and general scale-able processors please contact Intel Corporation.*

Information message. order now and we will ship by next year. 1/1/21*

this is a new product that we are first to maket with. we now own the rights and reproduction privelages. this item is on order and will be in our store soon. please be patient as there will be many to come. this is the start of our venture into board design and manufactuing. thank you for your attention and god bless you. the image is only for illustration purpose. 


But Why?

Is Legacy Hardware a bad word?

using old Information Technology Hardware is needed to build integrale parts of the entire web and cloud structure.  don't think that there is no need for old anything anymore.  circuits deteriated at a radiation level don't always add up to the next gen of importance.  meaning that just cause they made a new generation that doesn't mean that you need to always have that newest gen product... they are just trying to give you another reason to buy the latest and greatest... so that isn't always the case as shown in multiple heresay.  sky lake and cascade lake my own lake of last years platnium will always be a platinum CPU. it's that simple.

it's my belief that new isn't always the best there is.  popular as it may be to always have the most out standing there is, isn't always the most intrinsic way to work.  Reliablity and sense of reality is in-deed a more important and consequently impedant issue in life verses the farmer out in the field.  this is a somewhat creative aspect of not throwing caution to the wind that many have found the hardway.

Legacy is an important word to understand.  there are not advances with out a starting point to begin with (easier said than done.) the current price is only an estimate if the price comes down more we will offer a different incentive to keep your buy as we work on the fine details as of current. Terms++1-2-3-4-5***subject to change or alternate if item is returned a replacement will be issued only. you are required to have cpu heatsink and clip bracket of your own.  with out this the product will not be returned. any modifications or changes to the product cancel the warranty of replacement.

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