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really it’s all just one person, me. Christopher G Brown. I make and record my depositions chronologically and here is the home page to my work.


Key Services Offered :

  • Recorded inventions and more. the depositions are original and creative. my saying goes like this, invent deposition writer holds invent creative captive. but we all know I just make it my heart.


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Our Core Services

Chemical Research

discover and protect

Technology General

carbon or poly matrix

Power & Energy

magnetic or optical

Question & Answer

why do you call the inventions, depositions?

because these are more than ideas they are more than just concepts these are working in a text and legal representational way.

how do I know that my invention purchase will be safe?

depositions are all serialized and represented to you in a library of congress and united states patent and trademark publications. if you need to follow suit we will help you with your efforts.

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our store is an intellectual wherehouse of opportunity get inside and find the rights you need.


find our rights to recycle and decomposition landfills and new improved goals in recycling

Oil Pipeline

create a new and exciting time in your life by studying our depositions and inventions.

Iron Smelter

forget everything you dream about find something that is understanding and progressively independent.

Gas Company

expand and demonstrate your knowledge or improve on energy known to you here in this place.

Chemical Plants

find that right type of property you need here at this store in chemical and medical rights.